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Name Change

2010-07-15 14:40:17 by EpicChuckNorris

Hey, Ive just changed my Name from BartyMany to EpicChuckNorris

Why? I like Chuck Norris.

Update on my website

2010-02-01 15:07:02 by EpicChuckNorris

I felt like updating my website, so its better now and it has a FSE2 Page, with exclusive pictures. Also now the home page is fully flash to navigate the website. Check out my website:

HERE Or if that doesnt work (it didnt work for my friend)

FSE2 Late Update.

2010-01-27 11:49:22 by EpicChuckNorris

An Update? Very late, sorry about that =D So this is chaos control, yup, i have got further than this in making the game but im not gonna show you that yet =D by the way, the health stat (after a hella lotta scripting) makes your health go up (amazing right?) and... wait for it.... The mp stat (after an equal amount of script)Gets your mp up! (obviously not as much as the health) =D oh by the way, as you would expect, if you change your name it wont say sonic at the top of the text XD.

FSE2 Late Update.

Meh, Progress

2009-09-05 16:41:10 by EpicChuckNorris

Logo for the game, i have made the first battle, no pics of that just yet, stuff, will put pics of that soon, just not atm, btw, i finally found out how to make it, like, if you attack, the enemy could hit you with 3 different attacks, so you dont always get hit the same way, stuffs

Meh, Progress

FSE2 Back Better than ever XD

2009-08-14 08:30:03 by EpicChuckNorris

Okay, i have a few screenshots of it so far, the full game is going to have:

A Chao Garden
Ability to walk around town and buy weapons and such
situations where you have the ability to pick who lives and who dies,which will affect your alignment, so if your alignment is dark, your chao will be dark aswell
Random battles, where you can level up after and get more skills
A much longer game than last time, its going to be REALLY big
You can change your team mates' name when you first meet them, so sonic could be called bobo ^^
Stats ^^
No Gameplay yet, but there will be as soon as i actually make the game XD
Save/Load Yup ^^
+ I have a copy of it on my psp memory stick now, so if i delete it, i can get it from my psp, and i save it on my psp memory stick every time i save it on the computer, ^^
AND For once in my life, I worked my a$$ Off on that today XD

FSE2 Back Better than ever XD

Im Sorry

2009-08-12 15:26:15 by EpicChuckNorris

I was clearing my computer of folders, since my documents has about 200 folders in there and i just noticed i deleted my flash files and emptied my recycling bin. Im SOOO sorry. the proper game is going to be much better now though, so in a way its a good thing, a clean start. Sorry.


2009-08-08 19:24:35 by EpicChuckNorris

Join the dark side now and get a free toaster!

P.S You may have to buy the toaster
P.S.S You will get free cookies
P.S.S.S You Wont get any cookies
P.S.S.S.S But if you pay $1 then you may have some
P.S.S.S.S.S Cookies + Toaster = Burnt cookies = EVIL COOKIES
P.S.S.S.S.S.S Im Bored
P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S I Like Apple Sauce


Alone in the caves

2009-06-08 12:29:02 by EpicChuckNorris

I was just messing around in fruity loops and made a song, so i uploaded it cause i thought it sounded pretty cool as a loop, btw, fse2 should be out soon, sorry for taking so long!


2009-04-21 14:39:53 by EpicChuckNorris

IT IS OUT NOW! i have worked pretty hard on this demo, it only has 1 battle but the full version is going
to be longer,

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/210409 /70579_Final_sonic_emblem_RPG_II_2.php


Final Sonic Emblem 2 going well

2009-01-26 13:11:33 by EpicChuckNorris

Its going well, and since its been so long i WILL make a demo to keep you interested, it will be of the first level(when its finished) it wont be long for the demo, ill reserve a space for it here!

DEMO LINK:(Reserved)

Okay, ive got some problems, should be solved soon but ill have to delay the day the demo comes out, sorry>.>